Our school uniform

Our children wear their uniform with pride, promoting equality and a sense of community.  We ask that everyone; children, parents and carers help to ensure that the school dress code is observed.

Children need to wear the following:


White polo shirt, grey trousers or skirt, red sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo on.


White shirt/blouse, grey trousers or skirt, school striped tie, red sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo on.

During the summer term red and white gingham dresses can be worn. Children may also wear a plain red cap.

Footwear; Black, smart shoes with flat soles. No boots or sandals please. Socks and tights can be navy, black, grey or white.

Please label all items of uniform and belongings clearly to enable lost property to be returned. 

We expect hair styles to be smart and not extreme; no bleached, dyed or short shaved hair styles, with no patterns/lines shaved in. Hair that is longer than shoulder length should be worn up, any hair accessories need to be small, red/black.

We ask that children do not wear temporary tattoos, nail varnish, make up or jewellery, safety studs can be worn for those with pierced ears, for sport /PE/swimming these need to be removed. If this is not possible, please cover with micropore to ensure children’s safety.

A watch may be worn to school, due to safeguarding we ask that ‘smart’ watches are not worn.

Please be advised the school has second hand uniform which can be purchased for a small donation made to the school.

Trousers various sizes £1.00

Skirts various sizes  £1.00

Sweatshirts/Cardigans various sizes used £1.50 New £3.00