Willow Class
Meet the team:

Mrs Woods

Mrs Coldicutt - Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Willow Class (Years 1 and 2) –also known as Key Stage 1.

This is where we work hard trying lots of new things, having as much fun as possible along the way.

Our day always starts with a phonic session, we follow the Read Write INC phonic programme which has proven results and really gets your children off to a flying start with their English, especially their reading. In English, we teach all elements of writing through our topic where possible. This helps the children to see the purpose of different writing structures.

In Maths, we follow the White Rose scheme and very successfully merge the Year 1 and 2 curriculum together so that all children are appropriately supported and challenged. We are forming good habits with learning our number bonds, and use lots of different ways to embed them from online resources such as 1-Minute Maths and Hit the Button to Fitness Maths.

Topic is a set theme with either a history or a geography focus. This is where we concentrate on the skills needed for both these subjects. Our curriculum ensures that we are revisiting and building these skills regularly and systematically.

In Science, we cover all the aspects of the three sciences concentrating on investigating, practically where possible and learning how to conduct fair tests through a range of different topics.

Computing, is essential in this day and age and we are teaching them how to use this safely and independently. We look at using it for presenting in a range of subjects and as a tool to aid research.

We have two sessions of P.E a week where we are focusing on core skills that can be used across a range of games and key movements that aid balance and coordination. This has its benefits in the classroom as well as it helps with their mental well being and engagement in lessons. Then there is music which is all about listening, performing and being immersed in arrange of different styles.

As a Church of England school, we have daily worship and our RE lessons are supported by the Warwickshire Agreed Syllabus and the Understanding Christianity programme of study.

The most important thing is that we develop a love of learning. In Willow we try to make the learning interesting and engaging by carefully planning things that the children want to find out about. This makes the development of new skills and knowledge a really enjoyable experience. Thank you for visiting our class page – we hope you enjoyed learning about life in Willow!